Contemporary Media Literacies

MAS 610

Today, power flows through media in digital networks. In order to gain access to that power (and not be controlled by it), you have to be fluent in the media used within those networks. Contemporary Media Literacies asks you to rethink what it means to be literate in a globally connected world, taking literacy beyond traditional print-based media to multiple forms of knowing, including genres that consider visual representations, spatial relationships, sounds, gestures, and movement, as well as any multi-modal combination of these literacies. This course immerses you in the theory and practice of multiple literacies and considers how globalization has created more complex working and living environments. You will explore an area of research within your field of study that addresses real-world problems. The project results in a well-researched, multi-modal, multi-genre digital portfolio that is a critical and intellectual investigation, illustrating disciplinary and professional knowledge by applying contemporary media literacies with rhetorical intention.

Course Summary: A broad overview of the course content and learning outcomes.

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